Unitary Patent: Italy decides to join the agreement

After the Court of Justice of the European Union rejected a challenge to the regime by Spain, Italy announced its intention to join the Unitary Patent and ratify the agreement in May.

In June, Italy’s parliament passed a resolution in favour of participating in the system and the country is now waiting for the European Council and Commission to formally accept its request.

Italy’s undersecretary of state to the Ministry of Economic Development, Simona Vicari and Benoît Battistelli, president of EPO met in Rome to discuss the upcoming introduction of the unitary patent. Vicari stated that the decision is coherent with the governent’s strategy, which aims at strengthening investments in innovation and internationalisation, providing an addition tool for IP right protection.

Battistelli welcomed Italy’s decision, stating that it is very good news for Europe, and the addition of the Italian market to the new patent scheme will increase and reinforce the attractiveness of the European market.

Source: WIPR

Supreme Court’s decision: an abstract idea is ineligible for patentability

The Supreme Court of the United States judged on a signficant patent issue. The Court found in Alice Corp. Pty. Ltd. v. CLS Bank Int’l case that the method, system and computer readable medium claims of Alice’s four patents in question ineligible for patentability, because they sought to cover an abstract idea. The decision is based on the principle – and also clarifies – that you can’t get a patent on “abstract ideas”. This principle is also underpinned with precedents in the US case law.

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