Trademark infringement monitoring

At the biggest European trademark portal, we provide a worldwide unique Infringement Monitoring service which is currently free of charge. This service is of high importance as it helps our clients to find counterfeits on the internet. This way, trademark owners can seek redress for any unauthorized use of their intellectual property. With our regular reports clients can easily detect any infringement and react in time.

Our service operates in real time, and therefore the user can have the results of the monitoring instantly.’s Infringement Monitoring operates in multiple alphabets and consequently you can place monitoring orders also in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Cyrillic and Hebrew as well.

Our application is very easy-to-use. There are two options for our users: professional attorneys and companies can place different orders. Those, who have an extensive knowledge of trademarks can set the details of the monitoring themselves, while those who are less familiar with this legal area can place a simplified order. In the latter case, we will take care of any further steps.

The user can set the frequency he would like to receive our monitoring reports.

The monitoring activity takes place on the Internet: it extends to websites, documents, social media, blogs, forums, trademarks and domain names. It is important to note, that our search expands not only to identical marks, but also to the slightest similarities.

Infringement monitoring also displays the name of those who misuse one’s trademark and this way there is no obstacle to settle such issue legally.