About Us

Pintz & Partners LLC provides a full scope of traditional and Internet-based intellectual property services in Hungary. Our online services are cheap, quick, easy to handle, while offering the highest standards of quality.

Our patent attorneys and lawyers have an outstanding litigation experience since they have been practicing in the field for 30 years. They are supported by a number of highly talented jurists who add up to the exceptionality of our team.

The professional expertise of Pintz & Partners LLC extends to a number of specific areas. Throughout these decades we gained full proficiency in, among others, all matters related to physics, mechanics, electronics, microelectronics, and chemistry. We are also well versed in the younger and increasingly important areas of bio- and software technology.

Hungarian Trademark Law Firm of the Year

Pintz & Partners LLC is happy to announce that it is selected as Patent and Trademark Law Firm of the Year in Hungary by Corporate International. We would like to thank all our partners for the effective cooperation and our clients for putting their trust in our firm.

Corporate International is journal that awards the most active and expert advisers from around the world. It has over 70.000 readers in over 150 countries